Cruising Australian Waters Travel Insurance Quote..

Australia has come a long way in the cruise market and now a variety of cruise companies run voyages that cruise Australian Waters. These restful and scenic cruises take in the wonders of our coastline while allowing the passengers to relax in not merely a floating hotel, but a bustling mini city.

Cruises in Australian waters continue to be extremely affordable and the standard has continued to rise since the memorable days of Sitmar's Fun Ship 'Fairstar' and P&O's 'Himalaya' with it's aptly named 'Yeti Bar'.

 I am asked why you need travel insurance for medical cover in Australian Waters as we have Medicare and our own private health insurance. People also ask why most insurers will not cover you for cruising under their Australian Domestic policy.

The reality of cruising is that once you are on board a cruise ship, medical treatment and/or medical emergencies requiring evacuation are not covered by Medicare. Added to this, there is that old 'mal di mere' or seasickness which, unfortunately, some people suffer from, but the wonders of modern medicine has found injections that work. Thing is they are not cheap and having travel insurance will lessen the impact on your wallet.

So if you do not have the right cover for your Cruise in Australian waters, it could wash your holiday dollars away should a medical emergency occur. But by purchasing travel insurance, you can rest easy and enjoy the Australian Coast, Ports of Call and ship board life knowing you won't incur large expenses if you encounter a problem.

Also remember not all of us live near a port of departure for a cruise, so we need to fly or train or bus it to the exit port and so we need to cover for possible flight or other transport and there may be a night or to at a hotel pre and post cruise so cancellations or delays can become a setback if you are travelling on a tight schedule. Remember the Cruise is not just the romantic ship board life, but all the other components as well. The insurers we represent can cover the extra costs, which will lighten the stress you may already have from the set back. You can continue your trip without having to worry about added costs and not being left out of pocket.

You can be guaranteed that you will be taken care of with Travel Insurance Australia and the insurers they represent. Providing affordable insurance for lost luggage and medical bills, you can have the time of your life knowing that you won’t be stung with additional costs because of set-backs in your trip.


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