International Cruising Travel Insurance Quote..

The age of Cruising around the world is forever expanding. You can cruise virtually from any port in the world on Luxury Liners, and even Freighters if you like something less crowded and unusual. USA, Alaska and Europe or Mediterranean cruising are the mainstays of the industry with places like South America and Africa starting to attract interest. Asian Cruises abound and are unfairly considered as 'gambling' cruises.

With all these cruises we all have to get to the port of departure which means we need to take an international flight, transport from the airport, then stay a night close to the port of embarkation and possibly after we disembark because cruises are being combined with other facets of travel such as city stays or country visits.

I have done a number of trips ex Venice (Italy) and on two occasions the ship was diverted close to shore for a seriously ill passenger to be offloaded onto land for transport to the nearest hospital. I hoped they had Travel Insurance as the cost for all this (ship diversion) pilot boat etc. all has to be paid for. The recent situation with the Coast Concordia speaks volumes as to why you need Travel Insurance. How many travel plans were shattered due to that tragedy only the insurers would know.

International Cruise Travel Insurance from Travel Insurance Australia lists policies that not only cover the Cruise, but all other facets of your holiday land, sea and air so any problems arise you won't incur large expenses if you encounter a problem.

Cruises do not often get cancelled, but the tour that you have booked to complement that cruise might be if the company feels the numbers do not warrant it taking place. Airlines do lose luggage, (cruise ships misplace bags but they seem to turn up more often than not) I have been in a force 9 gale in the Mediterranean, and over 70% of the passengers on that cruise were seasick and very many required medical attention of some sort or other.

If you have booked a cruise with an immediate departure on return from the trip, these plans have been known to go bad as ships can be delayed leading to that tight schedule being unattainable. All these issues can be covered for by having the correct travel insurance.

Let the cruise do its job and relax you and let us, at Travel Insurance Australia through our insurers be there to relieve any stress you may suffer from any set back. You can enjoy your trip knowing you don't have to worry about added costs, being left out of pocket and that you are well covered for any nasty surprises should they occur.


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