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Ski Japan Travel Insurance Quote..

This country has had so many things pass across its face. The rise of their capacity to make the most of our need for electronics has not muted the beauty of this island nation.

Japan is felt to be expensive, and in some matters it is, but the canny traveller, armed with their trusty laptop or tablet, can surf the web for reasonably priced accommodation. The smart traveller will look at buying a Rail Pass for certain segments in Japan, a very cost effective way to travel and not to be compared to our rail system which pales into insignificance against their regular on-time rail services. I won't delve into the speed and frequency of their Bullet Trains which I have travelled on more than once. Reading the signs is not an issue as they are also in English (written not audio) . We should remember despite all the help, we can get things wrong. Like when I heard the clerk tell me the train left at 10:30.... he said 10:13, so that coffee at the station made me miss the train. The rail pass fortunately meant no loss of money, but Travel Insurance Australia had my back with their policy that was perfect for my needs for any other issue in my travel itinerary.

I have been lucky enough to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji, Hiroshima and Nara a number of times and I have used planes buses and trains – nope no automobiles to date, no need, however if you are hiring a vehicle, then you definitely should select a policy from Travel Insurance Australia that covers CDW (Collision Damage Waiver – referred to as Rental Vehicle Excess) which can be a rate of well over $10 per day.

In my travels in Japan I have noted that the Japanese LOVE all things Italian, Pizza, Spaghetti and Coffee. They love spaghetti so much they actually have a fast food chain that makes various spaghetti dishes and to date every time I have eaten their spaghetti it has been "Al Dente" and quite delicious. They also sell coffees and other foods, but the spaghetti is what I remember most. When I visited Nara, in a small covered mall I first tried a dish called Okonomiyagi. There are 2 types: Osaka or Hiroshima style, both are quite amazing and if you can find the dish, worth the money. Now with all this food talk we need to ensure we do not eat something that does not sit well with us, or over indulge in the local beer, which can sneak up on you. One way to at least know, if you do need to be taken to hospital, that you are covered by a medical cover in the insurance policy from Travel Insurance Australia. The right policy will also cover you for cancellations and other stuff. One time I and my companion were 'bumped' from our seats in JAL Business Class (well sometimes we treat ourselves) to accommodate a lady, her Doctor and attending Nurse. She had been in a car accident and had been made as well as possible to get her back home to Australia. Her stretcher and party took up some 6 Business Class seats, this was all covered by the airline and I estimate would have cost her around $50,000 just for that segment of her problem. She had insurance.

In my trips, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum will forever remain impressed in my mind, an unpretentious building housing the horror that was the A bomb. Hemeji was a last minute side trip and was a majestic building and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, BUT it is currently undergoing extensive renovations until 2015, so many areas will be unavailable over this period. If you are into electronics (and loads of duty free shops) then Akihabara in Tokyo (yep train station on its door step) is the place for you to go. Just watch out for the Maide Cafe waitresses – dressed like Alice in Wonderland only with extra mini mini skirts - that proliferate the area trying to entice you to their cafe for over priced poor quality food smothered in tomato sauce smiley faces...still to KFC. Went once at my partners insistence, never again.

The trip from Australia to Japan is a short 9 odd hour one, but when things go wrong, it feels like an interminable trek. You need to be confident that if things do go wrong you won't have the problem of no proper insurance cover adding to a stressful issue. The insurers at Travel Insurance Australia have an extensive range between them of Budget and Comprehensive policies to help you cover your individual wants .

While I sympathise that people do think that travel insurance is an extra impost, but when things go wrong, make sure you have cover or you may be up for a lot more than the low cost of a policy from Travel Insurance Australia. Don't forget to check Smarttraveller, for Australian Government travel advisory information.

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