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This former Portugese colony is now a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, located just an hour's fast ferry ride across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Macau offers a rich blend of Chinese and European architecture and culture.

Macau is fast becoming the Las Vegas of the Orient as cashed up mainland Chinese head for some enjoyment and are joined by increasing numbers of other Asian visitors including Australians.

Macau is spread over three islands: Macau Island, Taipa and Coloane the other islands (which appear to be just one land mass joined by the Cotai Strip). The three islands are linked by 3 massive long stretches of modern bridges between Taipa and Macau islands. Macau is the old centre, a maze of roads in the European /Asian style. The cost of taxis is very inexpensive, but if you want to make it even cheaper to get between the two islands find the nearest casino that is going to the Ferry Terminal and then catch the free bus to a casino on the other island. We did this numerous times and had a great time both with the transport and visiting the casinos for their wide variety of food halls offering local and western style foods (like Fat chips at the Venetian – so nice, so fattening).

You travel by sea from Hong Kong and you arrive on Macau Island and by air from all over the world off Topai/Coloane, meaning a cab ride to your hotel or sightseeing, so either way it would be sensible to insure your trip through Travel Insurance Australia's range of products. Shops in Macau seem to never close their door and the glistening gold from the Jewellery shops light up the streets. When we were there it seemed even the Real Estate agents stayed open most of the night, very strange but so different. The vibrant bustle of this city resonates everywhere.

The Casinos are very different to those you experience in Las Vegas, as there seems to be no alcohol being offered around the gaming areas, just water and a milky tea, all free of course. So though you may be happy to gamble at the Casino, you should not gamble with your trip as we can't insure you against you losing your money to the house. Just have a good insurance policy in case the unwanted and unexpected happens. If you win big, we won't ask for a share of the winnings, promise. But if you slip and hurt yourself in your celebrations, we will help you with the medical bills and getting you and your money home.

As Smarttraveller, the Australian Government's travel advisory site strongly suggest you should be covered by insurance for your journey abroad because the Government will help you out, but they will give you the bill to pay for that help. Macau Travel Insurance from us at TIA will ensure you don't get that bill and let you get on having fun without worrying about 'what if'!

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