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It’s almost time to jet-set across the world. You have your passport ready, tickets printed and your itinerary set out but you’re forgetting on vital thing… Travel Insurance.

South America is an amazing continent providing some of the most spectacular landmarks and diverse cultures in the world. You can immerse yourself in the white beaches, dance the night away at Carnivale in Rio and indulge in the continent's exotic foods. South America has something for everyone, however it can sometimes be quite dangerous if you are unprepared. Therefore, it is essential that you have purchased the right travel insurance.

By being insured, you can trek through the rainforests, discover ancient ruins and participate in adventurous activities with the reassurance that you will be looked after if something happens. You will be covered for injury and sickness and won’t have to worry about being hit with big bills or being stuck in a foreign country if things go wrong. There is nothing worse than being caught up in a foreign country feeling helpless. That is why travel insurance is one of the best purchases you can make before leaving for your trip. You have assistance right at your feet if you hit a spot of bother and all you need to worry about is recovering.

In this day and age, we call carry around expensive phones and cameras. We want to be able to capture the best moments of our trip and tell our friends. In the unfortunate event of these being stolen or misplaced, you can be reimbursed for your items for the same value. This way, you are not left out of pocket and can replace the items quite easily.

By purchasing travel insurance before you jet-set on an exotic holiday, you can rest easy knowing you wont be stung with any financial surprises and will be taken care of in moments of crisis.

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