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Once this was a country that only saw our troops as "visitors", but those days are well past, forgiven but not forgotten. A land where the people live a simple life and strive to improve themselves

Vietnam is one of the world’s burgeoning holiday destinations with beautiful beaches waiting to be fully discovered, exciting festivals, delicious regional local dishes and a welcoming atmosphere. Here the old ways, such as living in a village built on pontoons, exist beside burgeoning modern tourism of 5 star junks meandering between their islands in Halong Bay. A place where you can feed yourself in a top local restaurant in Hoi An for a pittance. If you have the yearning to be adventuresome , but not go the whole hog, then consider Vietnam as the new place to be. We should remember that even though things are inviting and your money will travel far, the possibility of an unexpected event is always a possibility let Travel Insurance Australia remove one concern from your trip by covering you with one of their insurer's policies.

With the good you always get someone who just does not play by the rules, so we recommend that you prearrange your transfers from the airport to your hotel or where ever and not wait until you get to the airport. Hanoi, for example, has a problem with unregistered “taxis” whose sole purpose is to rip off tourists. Many local hotels will arrange to have you collected and they will provide you with ways to ensure you are collected by THEIR person, not some unknown out to take you for more of a ride than you bargained for.

One of the most important bits of coverage to ease your mind when travelling is medical cover for those things no one can foresee, such as the client who had the toilet bowl she was sitting on shatter beneath her requiring not only medical treatment, but to re arrange her trip and cover the cancellation of segments she could not continue until she was sufficiently healed. Travel Insurance Australia are offering a number of affordable packages from fully comprehensive to budget and backpacker to help ensure you and those at home have peace of mind. One of the most important aspects that your travel insurance should cover is medical costs. While Doctors, hospital and emergency items are covered we tend to forget the peripherals, that tour you can't take tomorrow because something happened and for which there is no refund or the additional cost of going home early. None of us go looking for an accident, they just happen; we may forget a hat and develop heat stroke or a multitude of other things, so let us take that issue out of the problem zone and you get on with having fun.

Vietnam has magnificent sights and the urge to snap pictures is everywhere, but a simple accidental nudge might see the camera slip out of your hand and crash to the ground, or worse slip over the side of the local junk you are on and disappear into the sea. More and more people are taking their laptop with them to download pictures and remain in touch with home, so a good policy should ensure these items are covered. Clothing in Vietnam is very casusal , except for the odd evening out at a flash venue, but all clothes cost money and if they decide to go to Rio while you are going to Vietnam, well at least your travel insurance will come to your immediate assistance.

The Australian Government is leading the way in reminding all travellers that they should be covered for their journeys overseas as, even if the Government does assist you, in the end they want their money back and they will pass the bill on to you, so by purchasing a policy from Travel Insurance Australia or your own preferred insurer, that is one thing that is done and dusted

So before you head off on your trip to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi , ensure you have the right travel insurance that meets your needs allowing you to spend the money on the trip not any problems that may arise.

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